What are the Benefits of Playing Video Games?

Growing up our parents made playing video games look like mind melting evil creations that we weren’t supposed to set our eyes on. Well, that could not be any further from the truth because not only are video games a great source of entertainment but also, they have various benefits. With technological innovations, scientists continue to develop more and better video games transforming the entire gaming industry. There is a wide range of games out there thanks to new technologies, and it’s up to the player to choose one that interests them the most. Some benefits of playing video games include;

Increasing memory capacity

We are living in a tech world where everything is automated and coordinated to meet a specific purpose. Believe it or not, increasing memory capacity is one of the benefits that video games provide. However, it is mostly with the 3D games. The trick behind this is that these games facilitate meaningful stimulation to the brain that in turn plays a significant role in memory capacity. Research shows that people who have had engaging experiences with 3D games do much better in memory tasks than who don’t play at all.

Could improve the player’s vision

Every kid must have come across the common parental phrase “don’t sit very close to the television.” The reason behind this was that you risk losing your eyesight, but like any other parental overprotective measures, there’s not much science to back it up. If anything, scientists have discovered that playing video games can improve your vision remarkably. They increase the eye activity and enhance your focusing ability such that at the end of the day you can point out some specific details that you were not capable of before playing the game.

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They are a proper pain relief prescription

Did you know that you don’t have to take a trip to the nearest pharmacist every time you need to get rid of some pain? Well that’s right playing video games improves one’s health outcomes significantly. This includes both physiological and physical therapy. A study shows that video games have a meaningful impact on the brain and help a great deal in reducing anxiety and pain. The latest technology has led to some engaging games which draw one’s attention entirely and enable them to focus more on the game and not pain or any medical procedure being undertaken. It is a fascinating invention and makes everything a whole lot better.

Could be used to slow down the aging process

Technology has led to the invention of a wide variety of video games and some that involve problem-solving, puzzles and memory components have a remarkable advantage to the older players. Playing these often called “brain games” increases cognitive functioning and increases brain activity thereby slowing down the aging process. Research showed that playing now and then has some positive effects and not only does it increasing thinking capabilities but also enable the body to remain active even at an older age.

Helps tremendously in limiting trauma

Most of us view games as a way of passing the time or a proper relaxation technique. But did you know that video games can be very crucial in limiting trauma? A simple game like Tetris has a significant impact on the flashbacks a victim gets after a traumatic event for instance. Playing this game helps a lot especially in forgetting the experience or distracting your mind and enabling you to focus only on gaming and nothing else.

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Helps in becoming more intelligent

Did you know that playing video games can help you become smart? Well, a recent study showed that they enhance cognition of the player and it was indicated by putting some participants through memory tasks. Those who had played produced better results than those that hadn’t. This is mainly because it gaming leads to an increase in brain matter.

Many benefits come with video games, and nowadays with many innovations, games continue to rise, and it’s easy to find one that works best for you. Also, technology has made the gaming industry to be as interactive as possible. From health benefits to physical ones, gaming is undoubtedly something that should be embraced by every society. However, it’s advisable for players to manage their time well because some games can be quite addictive.

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