How to Increase Video Content Viewership


Of all the content mediums, video is undoubtedly the most immersive and engaging. Since video content takes approximately 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, it is irreplaceable in the promotional campaign-making process. Besides, it serves as the connector between you and your target audience for building a credible relationship. So, if you want your business to be market-leading and profit-making, powerful video content tools are a must. Today we will cover how to increase video content viewership with a few simple methods.

Having as many people understand your video content as possible is key to increasing your viewership. When you only create content in your own language, only those who speak that language can understand it.


Wondering what video translation method can hold the same quality as the original? It’s localization. Opting for this, you will never go wrong.

Voquent offers numerous choices and combinations for adjusting your work for worldwide audiences on any budget. Subtitles are the most common form of localization, offering a new language version of your content at the lowest price. However, dubbing services hold more audience engagement by continuing to provide the audio-visual combination of your original work. Some may even choose to go for both. This way, you offer your audience the localization of their choice, whether they want to read or listen.


Creating subtitles is the quickest and cheapest answer if you aim to find a new audience overseas. Professional subtitling services can create new versions of your content in one or more languages to be understood globally. This increases the potential viewers of your video content.

  • Quick quotation: We evaluate the work complexity and requirements before offering you a quick quote – no two projects are the same.
  • Transcription: Speech transcription starts immediately after approval, and we don’t utilize automatic software which can misunderstand your content.
  • Translations: Subtitle translation strictly keeps to the industry standard, paying considerable attention to rephrasing what can’t be translated – word-for-word translation will misinterpret these phrases.
  • Implementation: We can insert the subtitles into the video for you, timed to perfection


Another great way to increase viewership globally is dubbing. Dubbing is the process of re-recording the audio in your video content into a new language and overlaying it with the original video. This is the more popular choice for audiences as it is more immersive and allows for a more relaxed viewing experience without the need to read. In this case, you may select two ways of voice-over usage: overlaying the original sound or separate recording. Still, why is it worth trying dubbing 

  • This technique is highly sophisticated and is more progressive than voice-over and text-to-speech. Thus, greater user engagement is guaranteed.
  • Dubbing fully replaces the original voices with genuine local talent. This is a great way to connect with local viewers.
  • You will attain an incredible viewer experience, matched only by the original, due to top-notch quality.

This type of video localization is essential for TV shows, games, and entertainment videos.

Go for localization services and drive immersive viewer involvement around the globe. Offer your video content in new languages, increase viewership, and let the world enjoy your work! 


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