Got A New Smartphone This Summertime? Here Are Some Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Phone!

Got A New Smartphone This Summertime? Here Are Some Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Phone!

You have invested good cash in your smartphone, so you suppose it to last an extensive time. The matter is, even though your smartphone is of superb quality, there is still a possibility that the phone will break apart also stop working, specifically if you do not take proper care of it.

Buy a case

Purchasing a case is maybe one of the 1st things you may do after buying any smartphone. Get the case that matches and feels relaxed in your hand. You’re not suggested to buy cases which are heavy. Try to purchase a case which is not only fashionable but also can offer best guard against any harm.

Get the screen protector

It is one more important thing you can take for your smart phone. It will protect your mobile’s screen from being smashed. Sometimes the case already may have the in-built screen protector

Avoid heat and moisture

Don’t subject your mobile to extreme temperature variations, and specifically to strong heat. Evade placing it near heat bases like the furnace, stove, chimney, also under the sun.

Do not leave it available in the cold, either. Evade getting it close the source of moisture. The entire forms of liquids must be kept a good distance away as of your phone. Don’t drink otherwise eat when using your mobile to avoid unintended spillage.

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Do not put your smartphone near any form of water, such as the swimming pool or sea. At all times have a waterproof bag nearby so as to you can slip your smartphone inside it in circumstance it rains.

Avoid small hands

Children may scratch, drop, otherwise lose the smartphone. If you certainly want to protect your smartphone you will need to keep the phone out of the hands of kids.

Update your device’s operating system

You should update your smartphone’s operating system to the up-to-date version whenever it is accessible. Up-to-date versions come with bug fixes aimed at better performance, as well as enhanced safety.

Clear the Cache

While you install apps otherwise while they run, they can leave junk files overdue in the cache. These take up memory you can use for things you certainly need to do. Clear those files out as of time to time. Equally iOS and Android allow you to do that.

Select a safe place to store and keep your phone while not in utilize.

Always keep your phone in a safe place. It is a good idea to select one spot where it at all times goes (near a recharger) with the intention of you can find it with comfort, any time.

  • Don’t keep your smartphone stored in a handbag or another closed container aimed at extended periods of time except it is powered off. Charging your smartphone in a closed container is a possible fire hazard as well as may shorten its life.
  • At all times use genuine accessories and chargers. Cheaper ones which are not compatible otherwise made for going by your brand of the smartphone can harm the mobile or else lessen its life.
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Clean your smartphone properly

Whatsoever you do, not ever utilize a spray bottle to clean the smartphone. You must, instead, utilize the cotton swab dipped in the alcohol also touch it lightly through the keypad. Think of use this only on the external part of the smartphone and never inner side.

Expand the Storage

If the smartphone permits it, install the external SD card to upsurge the accessible storage, after that, run any applications you can from the storage. You can as well use this to the store media files. It frees up the smartphone’s internal memory, ensuing in the better presentation.

Look After Your Battery

Go through the manufacturer’s guidelines for care your battery. Dependent on the age of the smartphone also the battery it is utilizing, this might take in:

  • charging the phone earlier it runs down fully
  • allowing it run down completely once for a while
  • restarting your smartphone as of time to time
  • stop services you do not need (such as mobile data while you can utilize Wi-Fi also live wallpaper)
  • keeping your smartphone’s battery cool (also turning off the smartphone to let the phone cool down if the phone overheats)

Thus, there are you’re! 9 easy peasy lemon squeezy guidelines to keep your Smartphone shiny forever!

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