10 Benefits of Playing role-playing Games

10 Benefits of Playing role-playing Games

Playing allows us to develop various abilities and abilities during their dynamics. These are some of the benefits of playing role-playing games.

Finally, the day of the week arrived in which the friends meet at the usual time, in the usual place. One by one they arrive and the table of playmates that throughout the week have looked forward to the appointment that has them there is completed. The books, dice, pencils, and papers (as well as the necessary drinks) are ready to play. The master of the game starts and many adventures, laughs, surprises, discomforts, imaginations, hazards, take place at the table.

Whoever has ever played role-playing games can have a perfect idea of what is described above; as well as remember the disbelief of many (or the attack of others) on how great they can be. As always happens, what is not known is attacked, and that is that notdoppler games are as fun as beneficial for their players. So it’s a good time to list some of these benefits that RPGs give us. If one is missing, write in the comments to complement.

1. Role plays to increase creativity. First of all, no role play is in itself the same for all players since it depends on who carries the game and this gives rise to inventing many things along the way. In the second place, scenarios and scenes of the game are created all the time, that is to say, that we become writers, directors, narrators and we adopted the position that of children was very common to us: “let’s play …”, or “what such if … “

2. Strengthens language and communication skills. With so many comings and goings in the game, with the narrations and scenes that we must describe, it is necessary to present all these facts in an entertaining, entertaining way that increases suspense and emotion. Thus, the game forces us to expand our vocabulary, as well as to be in contact with those other players who do it better than us and learn from what we hear when they intervene.

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3. Strengthens social skills. If there is something important in gamification is this kind of benefits that happen without us noticing, and is that, in general, the games teach us to live together, to give the turn, listen, speak, rebut, be assertive; in role-playing games, this is the basis of a good game group. For introverted people, role plays, develop bonds, speak in front of others, have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and be recognized for it. Finally, role-playing games are beneficial for introverts (true story).

4. It teaches us about problem-solving and increases the ability to analyze. Well, these are two points but they are closely linked. With RPGs, we face many problems that we have to solve and this will only be achieved in a good way if we analyze all situations and possibilities. How many times has a decision cost us for months or years the performance of a character or the game?

5. Encourage teamwork. Likewise, although taking care of our performance is important, there is something of greater value in role-playing games: the ability of players to know how to work as a team. That is, recognizing that the union of everyone’s skills and experience is a much more powerful and great ability than winning personally; which is practically impossible in RPGs.

6. Build lasting friendships. Not only in the roleplay but in real life, of course. Friends who meet become companions of life itself. I have known people from meeting to play finish as the best companions in real life, with a unique link: the game. And the thing is, the best company is the one that encourages you to play, to have fun, to build, to create memories and laughs.

7. Develop your documentation and administration capacity. I would not believe it if I had not seen it: the most clueless and scattered person in the world learned to manage information and not lose it by playing role-playing games. He understood that documenting is better than trusting that unreliable mind when he brought his experience to his work, his life changed. No, I’m not talking about me…

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8. Encourages spatial and mathematical thinking. Making maps and routes, calculating, imagining, each step of the role-playing games requires us to develop these important areas. It can be said that games, in general, support us in this sense.

9. Reading comprehension and listening. When the person who takes the game makes his narrations, he tells us the situations, the scenes, or, what is behind that door that we decided to tear down, he has to read or invent, narrate; then, the whole table is developing reading and listening comprehension, the latter is very necessary for adult life and often the advice to exercise in this sense is undervalued.

10. Decision-making capacity. As I was saying, we knocked down the door and now what? Sometimes there is a wave of events that we cannot stop and we end up terribly injured or embezzled. Other times, we find riches and treasures, allies and medicines. Knowing how to make decisions becomes an important part of role-playing, I could say that the heart of its dynamics lies in this, as well as in the ability to recognize the effects of those decisions and learn from it.

So, these are just some of the benefits I personally have found sitting down to play role-playing games. I should add that I did not point out a particular role-playing game because the range is very broad. And you, what benefits have you found playing?

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