5 Ways To Make Money And Earn Rewards Playing PUBG In 2019

5 Ways To Make Money And Earn Rewards Playing PUBG In 2019

Though it wasn’t the first battle royale game on the market, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds became a bonafide hit upon its release in 2017.

In 2018, PUBG grew more than ever, making an astonishing $1 billion thanks to its fast, strategic, and nail-bitingly tense gameplay.

Now, players can benefit from their skills and make a living from playing the game. Tired of chicken dinners? How does cash sound instead?

Here are five ways your skills in PUBG can turn into cold, hard PUBG money.

1. Treat It like a Sport

While it’s possible to make a living playing PUBG, doing so isn’t easy. To be the best of the best, you’ll need to play every morning, noon, and night.

Treat it less like a hobby and more like a sport. Don’t just play the game, study it. Learn from top players and review footage of old games to learn from your mistakes.

Some professional esports competitors practice for up to 12 hours at a time. Make sure you’re up to the task.

2. Participate in Tournaments

Once you’re confident in your abilities, enter a few tournaments to see how you stack up to the pros.

The official esports scene surrounding PUBG is in a bit of a flux at the moment, so your best bet is to turn to third-party websites. Sites like Firstblood organize pubg online tournaments on a daily basis and feature hundreds of players playing for money.

If you get knocked out early on, don’t worry. Come back tomorrow and try again. As you get better, you’ll have the ability to earn prizes and cash.

Don’t ignore local events, either. PUBG is popular enough that many game shops host tournaments on a semi-regular basis.

3. Sell Your Services

If you’re not quite ready for the big leagues, there are still ways to get paid to play games like PUBG.

Some players are willing to enlist the services of skilled players. Think of it like tutoring for video games. They’ll hire you to coach via feedback or assist them in getting more wins. It may sound strange to those who don’t play, but it’s a lucrative business.

Social media sites like Reddit are a good way to advertise your services. You can also sign up for Gameflip Gigs, which lets users post service listings.

4. Sell Rare Items

If you’d rather not get competitive, you can sell PUBG items to make a quick buck.

PUBG’s loot crate system gives players the opportunity to collect rare gear. Certain gear, especially gear limited to timed events, can sell for a high price online.

You can buy crates with in-game currency or by leveling up, meaning it’s possible to make money off of PUBG without having to buy anything other than the game itself.

A word of warning: PUBG loot crates are notorious for dropping duplicate items. If you already have an item, you’ll receive a small amount of in-game currency, but not enough for another crate. Therefore, we don’t recommend spending money on the Battle Point currency.

As annoying as it is, the best way to get crates is by grinding.

5. Stream Full-Time

Streaming is becoming a more popular way to make money. Popular streamers like Pewdiepie, Ninja, and Dr. DisRespect make thousands of dollars (often more) per year just by streaming games full-time.

Invest in a high-quality microphone and webcam and start streaming your training sessions.

Once you’ve established an audience, you can look into sponsorship deals.

Use PUBG Money to Fund Your Next Chicken Dinner

If you have the skills — or a lot of time — it’s entirely possible to make a living through PUBG. PUBG rewards risks, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. You may even be able to make some serious PUBG money from your skills!

Feel like taking a break from battle royale games for a while? Consider playing a role playing game instead, they have some surprising benefits.

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