Configuring VPN as backup for leased line

VPN as backup for leased line

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Configuring an internet leased line dedicated IP VPN backup is crucial for uninterrupted connectivity. It ensures redundancy, minimizing downtime during line failures. Additionally, VPNs offer cost-effective alternatives, quick deployment, and enhanced security, serving as a reliable backup for critical business operations. If both ends of the leased line have a VPN router and are connecting to the Internet, we can create a VPN tunnel between them to add a failover connection.

For VPN failover to operate correctly, the configuration must meet the following requirements:

Each site must have a router connected to the leased line between the two sites. At each site, the router that connects to the leased line must connect to an interface. The two routers connected to the internet leased line must be configured to use dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP, or RIP).

The general steps to configure VPN as a backup for leased lines

Step 1: Assess Your Network Infrastructure

Identify the primary leased line connection and devices involved. Gather details about the VPN provider, server information, and authentication credentials.

Step 2: Choose a VPN Solution

Select a VPN solution (IPsec, SSL, or MPLS) based on business requirements. Ensure compatibility with network devices and consider encryption strength.

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Step 3: Prepare the VPN Infrastructure

Identify the primary and backup VPN endpoints. Set up geographically diverse VPN servers with the required protocols. Define IP address pools for consistency and to avoid conflicts.

Step 4: Configure Leased Line and VPN on Routers and Firewalls

Ensure proper configuration of routers and firewalls. Establish VPN tunnels with primary and backup VPN servers.

Method 1: Static Routing with Administrative Distance

Configure the primary static route:

Command: IP route [network prefix] [subnet mask] [next hop] [admin distance]

Example: IP route Fast Ethernet 0/01

Configure Secondary Static Route (Backup VPN):

Command: IP route [network prefix] [subnet mask] [next hop] [admin distance]

Example: IP Route Tunnel 0/10

Method 2: BGP Connection with Backup Routing

Set up a BGP connection between end sites using a private line circuit. Consider MPLS or frame relays for connection extension. Enhance failover capabilities in case of disruptions to the primary BGP connection.

Configure backup routing:

Command: IP route [network prefix] [subnet mask] [next hop] [admin distance]

Example: IP Route Firewall IP5

Step 5: Implement the Failover Mechanism

Use monitoring tools to track leased line health.

Method 1: Proactive Monitoring with ‘router’ and ‘track’ Statements

Utilize ‘router’ and ‘track’ statements for continuous Ping monitoring in dynamic routing adjustments.

Step 6: Testing and Validation

Conduct controlled tests and monitor the transition to VPN and ensure minimal disruption. Assess VPN performance under normal and failover conditions.

Step 7: Documentation and Maintenance

Create documentation for VPN and failover configurations. Schedule regular reviews of VPN and failover configurations. Update credentials, certificates, and relevant information.

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Your VPN is now configured as a backup for the leased line, providing resilience and preparedness for unexpected disruptions.


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