Best SEO Tips To Increase App Download

Best SEO Tips To Increase App Download

Today, there is no dearth of cool apps on the internet for almost all business streams. Still, everyone wants to capture the market with their apps. So, in order to gain a monopoly over the app world, each company try different SEO tactics, some of them give fruitful results and other become sheer wastage of time and resources. But the actual worth of SEO strategies is judged by the number of downloads for your app. Higher the number means the more effective strategies are used by SEO expert.

How Applications Are Ranked

Generally, the user downloads the app that ranks high on major app stores or displays on the top position of popular requests. Google and Apple do not disclose product ranking algorithms on Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Their position of the app is affected by some parameters. These includes:

  • The total number of installations.
  • Dynamics of installations. In the App Store, it is estimated for the last 72 – 96 hours, on Google, Play the calculation period is 48 – 72 hours.
  • Rating or user ratings.
  • The number of comments.
  • The dynamics of deleting applications from the device.
  • The number of launches of the application by users.

Specialists in the promotion of applications for the Android operating system claim that the product price and external links also affect the position on Google Play. The place of the application in the store’s search results depends on the relevance of the name and description to the users’ requests, as well as on the quality of the screenshots and icons.

Best SEO Tips To Increase App Download

  1. Attach The Audience To Creating The Application

Before launching an app, the level of excitement among the audience must be created. By keeping the audience in mind, the pre-launch test must be conducted. This build user interest as they get the opportunity to customize the app accordingly.

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Some tips to attract and attach user:

  • Promise active test participants free access to paid features.
  • Play prizes between volunteers.
  • Announce the publication of the application and invite the potential audience to take part in the tests. The announcement can be published on the corporate website, in social networks, on specialized resources.
  1. Ensure The Project’s Online Visibility

Choose a way of online presence, depending on the subject of the product and audience preferences. For example, if you created an app for shopping in your online store using mobile gadgets, describe it in one of the sections of the site. Create a landing page for ad campaigns and product promotion in a natural search. Publicity in social networks like the audience of gaming applications. You can also create a separate website dedicated to the program and its capabilities.

  1. Make App Visibility in All Stores

The apps visibility on all major app stores is an vital step and to make your app visible, you need to create an account on all major app stores. Along with account creation if few guidelines are properly followed there are very high chances of early app visibility on top searches. Some of them are as follow:

  • Don’t write the only name of the app on top. Google Play allows you to enter 30 characters in the header. In addition to a name, the brief description of products with key points is highly recommended.
  • Publish a detailed description of the program these includes length can be up to 4 thousand characters.
  • Publish a promotional video of the application
  • Publish screenshots of the application
  • Use unique and an attractive icon to grab users attention.
  1. Guide The User About App
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The valid information about the application published on corporate websites, application website and in a social network is an essential step. The information guides the user and makes them the appropriate decision to download the website. An attractive advertisement about the app on various user-friendly modes is a good decision.

  1. Publish Reviews on Thematic Sites

For the useful and effective app, customers always please to leave the good comment and high rating. A good review publication on the app is another mode to inspire new customers. On the other hand, major app stores like google play store, iPhone store or amazon always welcome app with good reviews and high ratings. A negative review from user discards the app to maintain top position on these app stores.

Bottom Line

Optimum SEO is essential for your app ranking if there is any loose point left in SEO by SEO services experts, all your efforts go vain. Simply follow the above-mentioned SEO practices, you can easily rank your app on top results and earn lots of money.

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