What are the quality SEO strategies for 2019?

What are the quality SEO strategies for 2019?

With every new digital development, there is something or the other changing from time to time. SEO is one of the key features that help us rank high and make websites more visible than they are. Strategies to accomplish SEO keep changing every now-and-then, and we need to keep up with it to stay on top.

Best SEO strategies for 2019

Here, we are going to mention some of the major SEO strategies that can help us in 2019. These are currently the best ways ones to rely on and will help us all through the year:

  1. Optimize titles and heading

Too often people try to stuff keywords within the body of content and miss out the headings. The main title along with the headings needs optimization as much as the body of the text.

The titles, headings, Meta description, get first priority in search results. You need to add more keywords at the beginning of the content than the body or end.

Do you know that Amazon allows sellers to write 250 characters to describe their product only to help them rank better? H1 is ideally the most important part of your content – the other aspects and the quality of content coming after the title.

  1. Prioritize pages for web navigation

Navigation is essential for your website because it links the other pages and usually comes on top. Many websites optimize pages with best keywords that are linked to the right from the navigation menu.

You will find these links on every page and that makes them look important to Google. This is the main reason why our homepage always has high authority and that’s usually because the logo of all the pages is linked to it.

  1. Secure map listing

Map listing is an essential tool and also something that people can’t steal from you. It adds more value to your website so you should use Google MyBusiness and have your website listed on Google.

You should try and link back to the website as well. It helps people find you and your website easily. When you create a listing and claim ownership, you must fill out the correct details required. Add nice images of the location, team, products, and help clients rely on you more.

  1. Increase site speed
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Images are some of the essential visuals to keep customers hooked to your site. However, those are also the elements that slow down the site. Most times it happens because it is related to files, but other times it can be due to database queries or PHP conflicts taking time to load.

To avoid these, you should limit plugin usage to minimal. Get rid of unnecessary plugins and extensions, and make your site look good to feel easy to browse.

  1. Interlink keyword-rich anchor texts

Interlinking is an easy and effective SEO strategy that helps you link one webpage to another. It has low risk than creating backlinks on anchors that are keyword-rich. You have complete control over them.

When you add content, you need to link other relevant pages of your website and vice-versa. You can edit your old pages and add links right now.

  1. Maintain quality social media website

You might only use one or two social media websites, but you have to use them well. They are a great way to get initial backlinks to the website. If you don’t register as soon as you make your website, someone might take your name.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, are some of the most popular websites. Your niche will help you determine other platforms like Reddit, SoundCloud, Yelp, and so on.

  1. Increase share-ability of posts

To draw in more traffic to your website, you need social media. It is the most connective tool that can help you go viral. People might read your content and want to share it, but if you don’t allow them it will block others to make their way too.

You need to add ‘share’ and ‘like’ options for your page. Focus on platforms that suit your site and you will have more shares.

  1. Ask for reviews

Every growing business must indulge in asking people to review them. Ask your family and friends to support you, and slowly even ask customers to do so. Reviews help local SEO for ranking and the more you have it, the more people will draw onto you.

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It is easy to get good reviews if you offer good services. If you have bad reviews, you need to settle their grievances and ask them to review again.

  1. Post fresh and quality content

Quality content always helps draw people onto a website and it has to include SEO techniques. Making content look great builds interest in readers, make it more shareable, and has better traffic.

There are many agencies that simply depend on blogging. How do they earn their profits? They let out news and interesting updates that make people like what they do. Thus, when you have more to offer than just content, think about where it can take you!

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Why more and more websites are creating apps, is because people mostly use their cellphones to browse. Laptops and PCs have more work-related usage and you need to consider the SEO aspect these come along with.

You might need to redesign your website to help people scroll through proper web pages when they find you through their phones. Google has also made a huge impact with mobile first indexing process. They rank your web pages depending on how much people browse you on their phones.

These were some of the top SEO techniques that need little effort but give you great rewards. You need to consider using these, along with what you traditionally follow to make a huge difference.

SEO is the building blocks of a good website, but you need to add that up with quality content, visuals, and make it shareable enough. Take your time and build a good website that will reap you for years.

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