How Identity Chips Makes the World a Better Place

We are living at a time where everything has been digitalized in one way or another. The issue of identity chips looked unrealistic and unachievable not so long ago. Now it is possible to have a microchip embedded under your skin without having to go through a thorough procedure or spending too much than necessary. Usually referred to as an RFID chip, it is a useful tool in various ways like dealing with emergencies effectively.  It gives an idea of the right medical attention that should be administered to a patient and could be the only thing between life and death. Some other benefits of these chips include;


Passports help in identifying who we are at airports, train stations, and bus stations. They have some microchips of there one. Thanks to technology, it might be no longer necessary to carry your passport whenever travelling. Identification is usually based on scanning your passport but imagine what it would be like to get your arm scanned instead. It is a remarkable transition that should be effective across the globe in the coming years.

Eradicates the worry of losing your wallet

You will agree with me that RFID chips are used in most of our daily activities. Whether it is paying for purchases at the mall, transport or requesting a loan, these chips play a very crucial role, and it would be quite frustrating if you realized your wallet was missing with all your plastic cards in it. Now thanks to implanted identity chips, you don’t have to worry about all that anymore.

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They offer medical convenience

An implanted identity chip serves various purposes, but one of the most remarkable ones is that it allows easier access to medical history. The chips also, keep track of your health, and if anything is not functioning correctly, you get to know in advance and look for assistance easily. With medical history, the chip shows antibiotics you’ve taken previously, things you are allergic to, the medication that works best for you and other medical information that can be used to save your life for instance in case of an emergency.

Can be used to monitor patients, children, and criminals

Cases of babies getting mixed up in hospitals, patients wandering out of health care facilities or criminals escaping from jail are quite common these days. Also, it’s quite easy for a child to get lost in a crowd or get kidnapped one way or the other. The frustration comes when you want to track down such people and have no clue where you should start. Thanks to identity chips, you can see why someone is at any given time and give you fewer things to worry about.

We are living at a time where everything is going through technological innovations, and we all agree it is a transformation that is aimed at getting our lives better. Identity chips are not any different, and there are numerous advantages you get to enjoy once you have your chip implanted under your skin. Maybe it’s time to get one if you don’t already?

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