Smart TV App Development: How to Develop a Smart TV App

Today, in the age of advanced technology and the Internet era, the use of innovative solutions in the creation of new products is natural and expected. Smart TV apps are a new step in the development of modern technology for home use, opening up maximum resources for the consumer.

Manufacturers of modern TVs have developed and released on the market special set-top boxes that allow access to the Internet, using the television as a computer. This significantly expanded the standard functionality of the familiar to all pieces of hardware. There are also built-in Smart TV modules, which endowed the products with the necessary properties and options. Today Smart TV is a built-in module for TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and other similar devices.

What is a smart TV app?

A smart TV app is an interactive service in a TV or TV receiver. To put it short, it’s a computer in a TV form factor. Currently, Smart TV technology is implemented in a variety of devices: TVs, digital TV receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and similar devices.

Smart TV apps allow you to view a variety of video content: movies, TV shows, recordings and broadcasts of shows and sporting events, music videos, video clips, read the news, browse social networks and communicate via Skype or other VoIP. There are also educational applications for children and games.

How to build a smart TV app?

The work on developing a smart TV app consists of certain steps: figuring out requirements, prototyping, design, development, and testing. Whether the application is complex or it is simple, the work on it goes through all stages. 

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Let’s take a closer look at what each stage is:


The implementation of any software solution, and a smart TV app as well, begins with knowing the requirements. For this purpose, there are technical requirements that help to predict the functionality and consider the product in the long term.


At this stage, smart TV app layouts are created. They represent a scheme of arrangement of content on the screen, show the functionality and the user’s way in the application. 


At this stage, the UX- and UI-design are worked out. The main task is to make the app easy to interact with, easy for the users to reach their goals, and visually pleasing to look at. 


Direct code writing. In this stage of smart TV app development, the front end and server side are created.


This stage tests how the application is displayed on different devices’ screens and how it withstands the load. Whether the logic of the entire application works correctly. That is, this stage is aimed at releasing a working product without errors.

How much does it cost to create a smart TV app?

The cost of developing applications for smart TV directly depends on the complexity of the product. If a customer wants a standard app that doesn’t have enhanced functionality and authoring developments that bring the product to a new level, the cost of such work will not go beyond the usual limits. 

On the other hand, if you want to get a quality and modern product, which will keep up with modern developments and gain popularity among the most active and advanced users, then you will have to pay a considerable sum of money for this type of work. 

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However, the cost can be reduced by ordering the development in another region. For example, if you order the development from Perfsol, you can halve the cost of creating a smart TV app, compared to the U.S. and Western Europe. This is due to the fact that the offices of such companies are located in Eastern Europe, where the cost of developers’ services is much lower.

Smart TV platforms are gradually becoming very popular worldwide.  In the future, the smart TV will be a matter of course, so now it is extremely important not to miss the moment and take your place in this still unfilled niche.  At this point in time, buying new and well-developed apps for Smart TV is a surefire way to establish yourself in the market as a provider of interesting, in-demand apps. And in the future, become a leader in sales of apps for these platforms. Get in touch with Perfsol now, and together we’ll build a smart TV app to help your business reach a completely new level.

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