Why Are Samsung Phones Different From Android Phones?

Samsung Phones Different From Android Phones

Purchasing a new smartphone is always an interesting experience, especially if one has an idea about the technical specifications associated with a mobile phone.

However, if you are like the majority of the population, who rings up their internet providers just because there’s no internet browsing despite having all modem lights on, then you will find this article quite interesting. Even the average user needs to know the mechanics associated with the smartphone industry. 

To understand the difference between Samsung and Android, what one needs to know first is: What is Android?

Android is an operating system, designed specifically for mobiles. It is responsible for running the system, which involves the smooth functioning of mobile apps while handling digital resources efficiently. Android can be compared to Windows, or even macOS, which are operating systems, designed for computers.

Just like laptops and even desktop computers consist of a diverse range of operating systems, as well as smartphones. For instance, iPhone utilizes iOS. Besides Android and iOS, other operating systems are either functioning but are not that popular or they are defunct, such as Tizen, Windows Mobile, and even BlackBerry OS.

Another important factor associated with Android is that manufacturers do not produce smartphones. Instead, they place mobile operating systems such as Android to power up their smartphones while also integrating mobile services such as Google.

What is important to understand is that even though Android and Google are both linked together, Google neither owns nor does it create Android. Hence, the mobile operating system is open and free for development by both commercial and non-commercial developers.

What Separates Android from Samsung?

Now that you know the basic difference between Android and Samsung, another question that often pops up is how does Samsung fit into this entire scenario? Samsung is an international electronics company, which designs and produces all kinds of electronic equipment such as TVs, smart home appliances, cell phones, and monitors to name a few.

However, Samsung has various product lines, such as Galaxy, under which it sells its smartphones. Galaxy is further split into two lines, Galaxy S sells top-tier products while Galaxy Z sells foldable devices. Although Samsung has also dabbled with the development of mobile operating systems, the majority of Samsung Galaxy cellphones utilize Android operating systems. This brings us to the deduction that Samsung is a manufacturer whereas Android is an operating system.

Do Manufacturers Including Samsung Develop Their Own Mobile Operating System?

As mentioned above, Samsung has dabbled in developing their unique operating system, which is their version of Android and can vary slightly. This involved a slight focus on internal aesthetics or even inherent functionality changes.

However, Samsung developed a software overlay, called One UI. Diehard Samsung users will remember its former names, Samsung Experience, and TouchWiz. In comparison to Android, the UI has been able to tweak and enhance the basic design with extra standout features. Although One UI made use of Google Mobile Services, it is still considered one of the best Android interfaces out there in the market.

Samsung’s numerous software innovations have been adopted into the central Android experience as they are reasonably impressive to the developer and quite impressive for the end-user. 

Are Samsung Smartphones Evolving With Mobile OSs Like Android?

The answer to this question is in the affirmative, as not evolving is not the solution and a practice that should not be encouraged. Android needs to evolve as smartphones are constantly evolving and upgrading a notch higher from the last. That’s why every year Android releases a new version of their mobile operating system.

Although Android initially used to give cheeky dessert names to its latest version, this practice was later discontinued. Now Android names its different versions such as Android 11 and Android 12.  Hence, with the constant upgrade of Android, One UI by Samsung also releases an upgrade, which although are minor but they make the system compatible with the new version of Android.

Is Samsung Making the Best Android Phones in the Industry Today?

Once a user is aware of the basic differences between Android and Samsung, they will be able to figure out how to use them both. Purchasing a Samsung smartphone, which utilizes the Android technology, is more of a personal preference. Around 26.93% was held by Samsung in the smartphone market share within 2021 which was second to Apple products.

The best part is that users will find that Samsung has a cellphone for every budget present with the best of hardware and software. This way users never have to feel bad about purchasing the brand Samsung instead of other popular ones.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where users were not impressed by Samsung’s trademark One UI and didn’t find it as user-friendly as it was claimed. Thus, they switched to other manufacturers with average features that were not so hard to use.


The Samsung brand is never shy to innovate and is always ready to grace the market with new and pioneering products that would simplify life as it was while arming its target consumer base with state of tech to produce long-lasting groundbreaking results.

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