Commercial Voice-Over: Is It a Good Side Hustle?

Commercial Voice-Over: Is It a Good Side Hustle?

Getting started in the industry of commercial voiceover takes work. It will cost you time, money, and a lot of hard work. It’s also going to require a lot of research and education. You’ll have to know how to get the job done, get paid, and get your name out there.

Getting started

Getting started in commercial voice over jobs can be fun and lucrative, but you must put in the effort to succeed. You’ll need to learn how to market yourself, make your voice heard, and build your brand. You will also need to invest in equipment. A quality microphone, audio mixer, and editing software will be necessary. You’ll need to get business insurance and open a business bank account. You’ll also need to find a home for your business. You’ll need to soundproof your room, get a separate office, and purchase an excellent audio mixer. Lastly, you’ll need to establish a business credit card and get your taxes filed. You should have a professional demo, a system that lets you record, edit, and save scripts. It would be best if you also got a professional opinion on your noise floor. Learning about your local market is crucial, as are the current rates and how to market yourself. You’ll also need to know how to book work on your own. The Internet may be your best friend, but you’ll need to do your homework.


Whether you’re looking to earn a little extra cash or replace your day job, you can get into the commercial voiceover business. However, you may be wondering how much you should charge. Establishing a rate sheet is the best way to determine how much you should charge. Having a rate sheet ensures that you will always be able to quote clients correctly. It also keeps your pricing consistent and reliable. You should also consider what type of customer you’re pitching to. If you’re targeting large businesses, you’ll likely be able to find steady income. A lower rate could be more beneficial if you’re trying to win over clients who aren’t in a position to pay as much. You should also consider the quality of your voice. To be competitive, you’ll want to invest in quality recording equipment. You don’t have to buy the most expensive thing you can afford, but investing in something that can do what you need is essential. Another way to estimate how much you should charge is to look at the number of words you can read. The average reader can read through a script in about a minute for every 150 words.

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Getting paid as a voiceover artist

Getting paid as a commercial voiceover artist can be a great way to make extra money online. You can get paid for doing voiceovers from the comfort of your own home. Depending on your location and level of experience, you may earn a different salary. It’s also important to price your services fairly. A good rule of thumb is to set a minimum fee of at least $100 for every job. To get started, you need to create a profile. This can include your experience, portfolio, and social media accounts. You can then start pitching your services—this is a great way to get a few gigs and gain valuable experience. You can then use these gigs to build your resume. Using this method, you can also get a steady stream of well-paying work. Once you’ve gained experience, you can begin working for production houses. These companies hire talented artists for voiceovers for films, animations, video games, and more.

Suppose you’re ready to start your career as a voiceover artist. In that case, you’ll need to establish a solid network of relationships, develop your brand, and develop a website and social media accounts to do this. This will let you market your voiceover skills to potential clients.

Getting into the industry

Getting into commercial voiceover as a side hustle is an ideal way to make extra cash online. However, knowing what to expect before you embark on this endeavor is essential. First, you must have the right equipment. Having good audio quality can help you command higher rates. In addition, if you have a specialty skill, such as narration or audio mastering, you can command even more money. It would be best if you also considered networking. You can find other people who do voice-acting work on social media platforms. When you meet other voice actors, exchange business cards and introductions. You can then use their testimonials on your website. You can also contact casting directors on these sites. Once you have established a rapport, you can apply for voice-acting jobs on these websites. Voice acting is an excellent career for people who enjoy talking and being creative. It is a freelance business, meaning you work on your schedule. You can get paid per project or hourly. Typically, you will need to audition about ten to twenty times a month. It would be best if you had the right equipment and training to become a successful voice actor. You may need to hire a coach. These coaches can assist you with building your skills and accelerate your learning process.

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