What You Need To Know About Cloud Storage

What You Need To Know About Cloud Storage

Have you ever looked at your watch and see that you are late for an important meeting? Then you discover that your laptop is not working and your presentation is there. With nothing to do and a possible promotion on the line, you’re wishing that you could have done something else?

Well, cloud storage is the answer to all of your questions. You may wonder, what is cloud sharing and what are its uses? Fear not, we’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about cloud storage.

Let’s start with what is cloud storage? Cloud storage is a form of data storage that is done through multiple logical pools. This is possible with the use of multiple servers that are owned and maintained by data storage companies. These cloud storage companies are also in charge of maintaining security for the data. Usually, they only give access to individuals who work for or are their clients.

These clients pay for the maintenance of the servers that house their data. Usually, companies that offer cloud storage services have different payment plans. These services can be customized to fit your company’s needs. For example, companies like Mindstick offer cloud application services. These include consulting, migration and application development.

However, the cloud is not just for big businesses or websites. Cloud can also be used by people who work day in and day out. I’m talking about regular people, who can have access to cloud storage.

Applications of Cloud Storage

First, the most basic application or use for cloud storage is to store valuable data through a server. This centralizes all the data a company or an individual needs and can be accessed anytime they want to. SQLite3  is the ability to store data through the internet and download it later on another device or platform when needed. This is present in cloud storage and image hosting services offered by websites and other applications.

One good example of cloud storage being accessible for anyone is with the cloud storage function for the Playstation Network. Available for members that are subscribed to the PS Plus service, this function allows players to upload save files and download them later on. This is extremely important especially if you are scared of your saved data being corrupted due to a mishap.

Other common occurrences of cloud storage data use include image hosting sites, saved data for mobile games, video sharing platform and social media accounts. Lastly, Google and other tech companies offer storage services that are geared towards individuals.

Imagine creating a Google document instead of creating one on your laptop. This eliminates difficulties that you can encounter due to hardware problems. All you need is an internet connection and voila!

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage has multiple advantages that can be felt personally or company-wide.

First and foremost is data security, your files will be kept safe by your cloud services provider. This is done through intricate security measures that will only give access to the proper people. However, the only thing that could tilt the balance is if your provider’s servers have been compromised. You should take note that there is a chance of this happening but cloud storage providers are continuously upgrading their security measures.

Second, accessibility is a big plus of cloud storage. Now, you don’t need faulty laptops and USB drives to hinder your presentations. You’ll have access to them with one click and the only thing you need is an internet connection. Companies will also have access to data upon request for business studies or massive reports.

Lastly, cloud storage eliminates the additional need for in-house computers and servers. Instead of investing in excess hardware and power, companies can save up and invest in other areas. Let cloud services providers give you comfort that you’re stored data is safe and secure.

Final Word

Making use of cloud storage services has numerous advantages that a person or a company can make use of. Accessibility, added security and less manpower (and power) consumption is a big plus. These services are even offered for free, so take advantage of it. Have access to your data the moment you need it.

What are you waiting for, leave those stacks of files and folders and store valuable information digitally through cloud storage!

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