Toca Life Neighborhood Game – A Neighborhood Game For Android & iOS

Toca Life Neighborhood Game

Every digital time parent cannot escape the new form of play, Toca Life. But many get into speculations of ruining the kid’s attention with video games. Of course, the kids just as well have some composed Play Diet. Some of the essentials take account of creative, social, active, free, and digital play. The article gives details on Toca Life Neighborhood Game. Read on for why you should download this app.

About Toca Life

The developers of the game believe that kids need some power to spark the minds. The design revolves around the children’s world making it look lively, full of creativity and live the dreams. The prize-winning app can be downloaded globally with an assurance of fun, harmless, and flexible gaming experiences. You will be able to:

1. Explore

When you download this app, Toca Life, you are free to decide on the doing. Here, kids rule the neighborhood; this gaming world welcomes everything and everybody.  First, you can move everywhere in the neighborhood. With four locations to adventure every moment you play. You can go to the loft apartment, mall, beauty salon, and foodstuff truck. Every place has classic characters whom the kids get to select as many as possible.

For instance, you can buy clothing, foodstuffs, or pets, paint and style the hair. Additionally, you can make sushi or purchase chips and fish from the select truck store. Sometimes, you may decide to ask several friends to join in for a party. And at that time water plants, read some book, and later get to PJs. Without forgetting, you are free to switch off the lights, then sleep.  The good thing is, you find no set instructions, aims, or a specific event to follow.

2. Create

The use of kids imaginations will never get overlooked. The story lies with the players. You can create stories from the nearly vast amount of activities. For example, you may opt for hiding and seek or cops and robbers. Your mind will make a new world for you to play with your family and friends.

3. Discover

Toca Life will take you away from the neighborhood as well. Other than what you create, you have an opportunity to discover other places. Within this virtual world, there exist secret treasures all over. You can adventure in the dark, toss trash, or even get gifts from the shop for your friends. Keep in mind that there are no set rules, so engage with everything. Of course, chuck stones into the pond then hit the sun to get light.


Toca Life Neighborhood Game helps both parents and kids. During the use, you not only explore the technology but give a chance to translate skills into daily life. Some of the important components include:

– Many characters, up to 24.

– 6 places to visit including the pond in a park, grocery, police station, store, apartment, and house.

– 30 various meals to prepare at the restaurant

– Go for an adventure by lighting a campfire and also sleeping in the tent

– Control the sun for day and night

– 5 kinds of animals

– Play without interruptions, rules or guidelines

– Kid-friendly interactions

There is also a newly added feature which permits kids to have a record of the voice. During the period of play, the stories can get saved on the device. For you to enjoy this, the camera roll and microphone comes in handy.

Who can Use the App?

Toca Life Neighborhood Game got created for kids aged three. But the game as well catches the minds of children older than that as there is fun. The game is jam-packed with discoveries and moving activities without limits. The fun makes parents also understand this computer-generated dollhouse. You cannot resist but allow the kids to explore, conceive, and play.

What are The Benefits?

Toca Life Neighborhood Game is unrestricted and imagination-focused. The kids remain in control of the play, making it is a must download the app. Generally, its design is attractive, having many interactive aspects. So, why should you refuse to let your screen become the top platform for such an imaginative play?

The described app is full of storytelling features. Without doubts, the world is in your hands minus rules, guidelines, and exact or incorrect manner of playing. Download APK for IOS and let your kids poke into the different places and tryout. Here at, video play games are a top priority for kids. If you need a valued tool for the children to play and also learn, then download this APP. Let the remarkable power in your kids’ mind become better with Toca Life.

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