5 Steps to Create a Logo You’ll Love


The first step in designing a logo is identifying its purpose. What type of company are you targeting? What are the target customers looking for? Think about your business’s primary and secondary use cases before designing your logo. Next, ask your coworkers and friends about their thoughts. Finally, add a splash of color if you want to create a memorable logo.

Sense-check your logo design concept

If you’ve never sense-checked your logo design concept, now is the time to do so. Using your intuition and creative insight, extract the main concepts from your brief. Then, map out the visual language of these themes to identify crossovers, potential development, and distinctiveness. Avoid being too literal, and start by sketching a concept out in a simple way. Then, re-evaluate the initial idea if the design still does not make sense.

Sense-checking, your logo design concept is crucial to avoid wasting time and money on incompatible logos. You must always consider multiple areas, including black and white, screen printing, stitching, and even embroidery. There is a free logo maker if you don’t know how to use any of these methods.  You should ask yourself a few questions to help you find a logo that best captures the brand’s essence. You’ll be amazed by how many different variations you can generate.

Consider both primary and secondary use-cases.

A logo must be effective in multiple sizes, not just print. In addition, it must be scalable, especially for small digital applications. This way, you can ensure that your logo will fit in any context.

Choosing colors for your logo

When choosing colors for your logo, you must consider your Unique Selling Proposition or what you promise customers. You don’t want your customers to think your logo is just another competitor, so you should consider avoiding colors that could be confused with a similar brand. However, if your company is still in the initial stages of development, you should prevent overthinking it, as colors will have different meanings for different people.

The first thing to remember when choosing colors for your logo is that people associate different colors with different emotions. Orange, for example, is associated with youthfulness, blue is a trusted color, and pink is associated with femininity. By considering these associations, you can use colors in your logo to their advantage. T

Adding a pop of color

Adding a splash of color to a logo is more than a quick fix. It is also good to update the logo if the company has changed. Adding a little paint can make a logo ‘pop.’

Using complementary colors is an excellent way to bring a logo to life. Complementary colors are adjacent to the chosen color on the color wheel. This way, colors will stand out and boost each other. For example, red and blue will amplify one another, while green and purple will help red stand out.

Using stories to create a logo

You can add a video to your Story by recording it from within the Instagram app. This works best if your logo is transparent. If it’s not, you can always record it with a high-quality camera or phone and then edit it on your desktop device. Regardless, this is a simple and fun way to incorporate your logo into your Stories.

The missing bite gives your logo character and drives the meaning deeper. The apple, for example, is an iconic shape because of its lack of bite. Using a missing bite can make your logo stand out in the crowd. This technique can also transform a drab logo into an iconic one. You can also use circles as a guide for your logo design. Using a consistent curved circle will help you achieve the perfect result.

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