Common Restaurant Bar Design Mistakes


There are several mistakes that restaurant owners make when designing their bar space. Here are three of them. Mistake #1: Lack of storage for glassware. The best bar designs feature an entry on the quiet side of the restaurant, where patrons can pick up their drinks without having to walk back to the restaurant. Mistake #2: Color palette. This mistake is so common that it is hard to notice until it’s too late.

Mistakes to avoid in restaurant bar design

While flashy signs and catchy commercials promote your business, restaurant bar design is just as important. Your customers’ perception of your business will depend on the look and feel of your establishment. Listed below are some mistakes you should avoid in restaurant bar design. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you in making the right choice for your establishment. Keep reading to learn more about these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Color palette

Orange is an inviting and cheerful color. Its soothing effect makes a dining establishment appear more extensive and makes customers feel more comfortable. It also encourages socialization and eating. Orange is a common color in fast-food restaurants, ice cream shops, and other casual eateries but is not a great choice for a classy restaurant. However, when used in moderation, orange is a soothing color that adds a welcoming atmosphere to a bar or restaurant.

Open shelving

Open shelves are a popular design choice for a restaurant bar. They can be used for various purposes, from highlighting individual pieces of furniture to storing decorative accessories. Open shelving can be angled to hold electronics, such as cell phones and tablets, while the wires can be hidden behind a lip on the shelf. This type of shelving is perfect for preparing recipes or showcasing books. This design option is also attractive to patrons looking to make home-cooked meals.

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The textures of a common restaurant bar design can be achieved through the use of different materials. Unique fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and decor are all great ways to incorporate texture into a design. Flock wallpaper is one style that makes a comeback and offers touchable, luxurious texture to the walls. Handcrafted tiles are another way to bring texture into a design without breaking the budget. They also add interest to the space.

Table height

Standard table heights and bases for restaurant tables are essential components of the design of any space. Tables in lounge areas should be lower than standard table heights to accommodate varying sitting postures and heights. A table and chair in a lounge area should be at least 30 inches from floor level to ensure that patrons of all heights can sit comfortably. The heights of lounge tables and chairs are ideal for cocktail and appetizer drinks.

Neon lights

When designing a bar or restaurant, one of the best ways to attract evening crowds is by incorporating neon lights. Whether they are used indoors or outdoors, they can create a whimsical ambiance that will make customers click their phone cameras. They are especially attractive if placed behind the bar or on the establishment’s roof. Of course, you can also create custom neon lighting for your establishment.

Accent wall

An accent wall is a great way to draw guests’ attention to a focal point. It’s a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and reinforce the overall theme of your restaurant’s interior design. There are plenty of ways to decorate an accent wall, from textures and patterns to objects. Use colors worldwide to set a mood, especially in tourist areas.

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