How to Paint like a Pro

How to Paint like a Pro

Painting a whole house is time-consuming and tiring. You may need some handy storage solutions if you want to take care of and keep your paint optimal for the project you are working on at home. You may be an active DIY but the kind of effort which is required in the painting can drain the energies out of anyone. The best move will be to hire professionals for home interior painting in ma, but if you can’t, following are some tips and tricks to painting your house like a professional.

Prepare the walls like a professional:

Acquire the best sanding machine or good quality sandpapers to sand like the best exterior painting contractors in ma. You will be required to scratch the old paint out and make the surface of the wall relatively even to work. Check to see if there are any nail holes or cracks visible in the walls. If yes, fill them with cement. Mix two parts of cement with one part silica and 1 part water to make a thick consistent paste. And start applying the paste onto the wall with the help of wedge. It is important that you do it quickly because the cement loses any kind of moisture and water present and dries fast.


Mix both of the dry ingredients together before adding in the water, because as soon as you’ll let the water in, the mixture will begin to harden.

If you have white acrylic plaster to deal with all the cracks and holes, the same rule of working fast applies to that as well. In fact, white acrylic plaster dries a lot faster than silica-based grey cement. So you are required to mix the plaster and pour or apply as fast as you can so that it can dry on the wall not n your hands.

One other method of getting rid of the cracks and gaps is to apply industrial adhesive directly to the wall. The contractors who deal with interior painting in ma prefer to work with the industrial glue because the application is easy, the results are better and you are not required to sand after the application.

Once the cement is dried, and the patch to get rid of any lumps or uneven surfaces. Sanding the inside of the house is relatively less tiring but when it comes to the outer part, exterior painting contractors in ma suggest only the professional grinders to cover larger areas in lesser time.

How to Paint like a Pro

Once all of the patches are well sealed and sanded, wash the walls to get rid of the dirt or dust which has accumulated over the years. The best way to clean a wall is to wash it with a rag or soap and sponge. However, if you don’t intend to put much effort into cleaning, rent a power washer so that the cleaning can be done faster.

Exterior painters in ma suggest to leave the wall for two days is possible. Sometimes the grease stain appears after the wall is dried and if the wall is greased from a particular area, the stain won’t simply go with the soap and sponge. You’re now required to use a strong cleaning agent on the stain.

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