Fdle Mobile App for Safe Trick Or Treating – Florida Citizens To Stay Away From Sexual Offenders And Predators

Fdle Mobile App for Safe Trick Or Treating – Florida Citizens To Stay Away From Sexual Offenders And Predators

The Halloween is up and children are getting dressed up for their ‘Trick or treat’ visit to the neighborhood. They will go up to ring the door bell in their fancy scary costumes and ask for a treat if they are not possibly tricked to fright.

While the festive are so much fun, there are quite a few dangers associated with it. It may be quite risky to walk up to the house of a stranger. The risks are increased on the occasion that they are not acquainted with how they are or how the vicinity is. When everyone is up for the fun during the Halloween, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has come up with something new. They have been working the hardest to ensure the safety and security of the citizens during the festive season. To take care of certain dangers that are unknown and sudden, the FDLE has come up with a new application for smart phones.

The New FDLE app

This app is going to be of great help for the parents and citizens as they can use it just by putting in the address of the residence. And they will immediately know if there is any sexual offender who is registered to that address of the particular house in the area. The department conveyed that the option to ‘Search Sexual Offenders and Predators’ is just one of the public services that have been features in this new mobile application. There are six more such helpful public services that have been incorporated in the app. The commissioner of Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that there could be no better time for launching this app, ensuring the safety of the kids who may walk into unknown danger in search of some fun. All the residing parents have been urged to download the application on their smart phone before they go out trick or treating with their kids. They can even use this app at all times in order to ensure the safety of their families and make immediate reporting of any suspicious activity.

Getting the app and using it

This map can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store for Apple. There is no charge to be paid for this app. The FDLE has also stated that citizens can make use of the interactive map that has been incorporated in the app to find the residential address for the convicted sexual predators and offenders. For this purpose, they need to keep their location services turned on in their mobile device. As for the other features of the app, they can be used even on the events that location services are not available or have been manually turned off. The officials from FDLE have confirmed that the application will not be tracking the location of the user.

Ensure the safety of your kids this Halloween

Parents can even use this public service on the occasion that they do not own a smart phone. They just need to check on the official website of FDLE designed for registered sexual offenders and predators. The app was released this Monday just after the County Sheriff of Nassau and detective Mark Murdock worked the weekend to flag down 14 individual residential addresses of those convicted of committing sexual offense and predation in the area of Fernandina Beach, Bryceville, Callahan, Yulee and Hilliard. Signs have been placed with the felon’s name on the home to keep the parents and children safe and warned. This is mainly because the law of Florida has prohibited the sexual offenders and predators that are on supervised probation to make Halloween decorations. They are not allowed to turn on the porch lights or hand out candies and other treats to the children during the festival. But none of the convicts follow the law.

To make sure the law is being followed, the FDLE has decided to take it the other way round. Warning out about the countless sex predators residing in the area can surely ensure some safety of the parents and children who are concerned enough. In addition, certain other Dos and Don’ts have also been provided by the FDLE to make Halloween a lot safer for the Florida citizens.

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