Bluetooth speakers: How to find your best option

Bluetooth speakers How to find your best option

Being able to listen to music wirelessly has been a real revolution. Now there is life beyond fixed sound systems and, thanks to MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets and speakers, we can go more easily from one place to another without having to give the stop.

Brands know this and that is why they bet more and more on mobility. However, given the wide variety of models available, how can we know which is our best option? What should we look at when choosing, for example, a Bluetooth speaker that does not disappoint us?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions, so that when you go to buy one do not get saturated and, above all, do not make a decision that you regret two minutes after saving your wallet. Do you think it’s OK? Well, take note of these tips.

Keys to choose Bluetooth speakers that do not disappoint

The first thing you should ask yourself when you go to buy a Bluetooth speaker is what features are the ones that interest you the most. The second thing is to be clear about your budget. At this point, pay close attention to the following key aspects:


Although the main form of speaker connectivity is Bluetooth, it is interesting that you also have other options, such as a jack input so you can connect Bluetooth speakers whenever you want and use them as cable speakers.

Some models also include a USB port to play audio content directly or for updates. Finally, a very interesting type of connectivity and that personally interests me a lot in a Bluetooth speaker is the NFC or Near Field Communication technology such as the radio speaker As Audio ONLY.

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Surely many of you have heard that the NFC is used to make payments with the smartphone, but … what is this system for in a loudspeaker? Well to facilitate the pairing with mobiles. So you no longer have to be looking at menus or downloading configuration applications. Just bring the phone closer to the sound source.

Type and profile of Bluetooth

Within the world of Bluetooth speakers, there are different versions associated with several profiles of use of this type of connectivity. But let’s not get lost and get to the point. Why should this matter? The answer is: because the Bluetooth version affects the bandwidth/consumption of the speaker and its range.

In addition, the Bluetooth profile that supports the speaker determines its functions and marks the maximum sound quality that we can receive. The most widespread to transmit audio by this type of technology is the A2DP, while the HSP is the most used to receive audio content in headphones.

Sound quality

When comparing the sound quality between several models, pay attention to the nominal power of the loudspeaker, which is the maximum value that the loudspeaker admits under optimum conditions of reproduction. It is also convenient to have a wide frequency range and a low impedance. That is to say, that the system does not oppose much resistance to the passage of the current. Finally, the number of channels and the size of the drivers, or if the Bluetooth speaker includes sound enhancement technologies, are aspects that you should also consider.

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If you want to use Bluetooth speakers without having to depend on a plug, you should pay attention to the autonomy it offers. At least, the internal battery should allow the speaker to be used for about 10 hours at 50% of its maximum volume. It also evaluates the load times and the system used for this purpose. If it offers the possibility of recharging it by USB or micro USB, the better.

Speaker size and resistance

The advisable thing to move the loudspeaker with ease is that it is a small device. But of course, this can make their benefits also be reduced. For example, mini speakers may have more difficulty with bass reproduction. You must, therefore, find a balance that satisfies you between dimensions and quality.

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