5 Smart Advantages of Using a Parental Control App

5 Smart Advantages of Using a Parental Control App

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Parents have huge responsibilities on their shoulders when it comes to taking care of children, training them and making them responsible young people. However, with the passage of time, it has become more difficult and this is for many reasons.

Kids these days are sharper and smarter than their parents are. They live in the digital world where phones, screens, dragnets, and the internet are rife. Phones are more important than books for kids. This has created even more problems for the parents. They have no idea how to deal with the new generation of children and keep them in their limits.

However, parents can monitor their children with a parental control app. There are many apps out there and they offer many amazing features for parental control. Apart from that, the parents can use default parenting features offered in the computers and smartphones. We have created a list of advantages of using a parental control app for devices used by the children and teens.

Internet Addiction

Most of the children even at the age of 6-7 are now addicted to the internet. They spend a lot of time on their phones using different apps, websites as well as games. Internet addiction is really dangerous for every child because they can share personal and private information on the internet. Many websites track user data and locations. They get access to important information that should not have been shared. To help out children against internet addiction, parents should monitor their teens with BlurSPY Android spy.

5 Smart Advantages of Using a Parental Control App

Social Media Use

When it comes to the internet, there are then social media that only works when you have internet. If a child spends four hours on internet, more than 3 hours are spent on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, SnapChat. Recently, Facebook has admitted that it shared the user data with other sites and third party apps. Even these apps and sites accessed private messages in the Messenger app.

This shows no one is really safe and secure on social networking websites. Your private data is available to anyone. Apart from that, teens connect with strangers and can make relationships with them. They can turn into sugar babies and even do sexting with unknown people. All these things caused by social media should be monitored by parents with a parental control app.


This is really common on internet and social media. There are over 50% chances that a teen will be bullied online either on social sites or other platforms used for connecting with people. Users of these platforms pass racists, sexists and other negative remarks that affect children badly. Can any parent tolerate if a person mocks the body or face of their children?

Parents have all the best reasons to keep eyes on their children. It the parents who can keep their children safe on internet and other websites and spare them from cyberbullying. And this is possible when you will monitor your kids with Spy app.

Game Addiction

Every child and teen is almost game addict. The new devices and attractive games lure the young minds. Moreover, the developers have introduced some really dangerous games for the teens where they are given dares to complete and get rewards. For such dares, teens harm and injure themselves. BlueWhale has been the most harmful game from the recent times and many countries banned the game because of its dangers.

The recent growing gun attacks in the US and many states have worried the parents. These gun attacks reveal the dark side of gaming. Most of the attackers were teens who were influenced from the games and how people are killed in the games. They practiced that thing in real and killed many innocent students. Games are seriously causing havoc to the young brains.

Depressing Content

A new research has found that girls are most affected on social media and the internet. The major reason of depression among teen girls is the social media. They are social sites addict and compare themselves with everyone out there. People share their life, wedding photos, family pictures, food images and the like that really affect the teens. There should be a control over what children see on the internet and social networking sites. This is only possible when parents will use a parental control app, monitor children, track their online activities and limit the screen time.

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